Attractum® Promise - MARKETING has changed massively in the past 3 years. Let us show you How to Change your approach to maximise your marketing ROI

A Simple Question..
What It Takes To Win
  • We help our clients achieve and exceed their sales targets.
  • We help our clients track EVERY marketing dollar to maximise ROI.
  • We ensure YOU have access to all statistics of your budgets.
  • We have clients earning 1200% ROI.
Did You Know That..
  • As marketing consultants, we have been helping clients with Internet marketing for over 20 years.
  • We can MENTOR you to efficiently manage your marketing.
  • We constantly research marketing to keep our clients ahead of their competition.
  • We have more than doubled sales for our clients during the recession.
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“I know half of my advertising is not working, the trouble is, I dont know which half” Attributed to Lord Leverhulme, John Wannamaker & Henry Ford.

Imagine throwing your marketing and advertising budget in the air, hoping that some will fall on your market. – This is what thousands of New Zealand businesses are doing each year.

Attractum™ is a Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy Consultancy innovation. Attractum™ is about using thorough research to wisely invest your marketing budget into social, mixed fusion media, online marketing campaigns. This approach delivers powerful results using modern marketing techniques traditional advertising could not gain on its own.

We work with our clients on mixed media marketing projects.  Would you like GUARANTEED MORE SALES ENQUIRIES via your website?  Call us on +64 (0)7 543 2944 before your competition does!!