Social Media Trends for 2015

Social Media Trends for 2015

Most-Important-Social-Media-NetworksWhenever conducting primary research, try to keep an open mind about the potential results. But I’ve learned that, in spite of your best hypotheses, the data can always reveal a few surprises. For this research, here were a few results that weren’t necessarily shocking but did illustrate that marketing is a hard job:

  • Facebook and Twitter remain the most business critical social channels, in spite of many newcomers and a lot of noise about other networks.
  • Marketers really struggle with building a content machine, and feeling understaffed and needing to be too many places online appears to be part of the challenge.
  • Marketing metrics are multiple and broad – no one marketing metric of success stands out.
  • Marketers are using a ton of different tools, but all depend heavily on Google Analytics.


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