How to Track What People Are Saying About You

Reputation Management is Very Important

Protect Your Privacy

Your online reputation can be changed overnight, it is highly important to keep track of what people are saying about you so you can protect your brand and boost your reputation.

We have never been so transparent in all of our history. Criticism and praise exists on a global basis. You have to be careful what you write on the web. People may have different personas at work and at home, but they all can be linked back to the company.

Even if you protect your profile, your mates (contacts) might not, so someone can link through a friend’s name all the way back to you. Young people are addicted to chatting online, and there is a real danger that they will bring this attitude through into the workplace and this could reflect on your company’s reputation.

Furthermore, anyone can start up a website or social media account in the name of your company and use it to write whatever they want about you or your business. Companies should protect their name by acquiring as many account names as they can on the social media sites. You should own your names on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a minimum. There are over 340 social and bookmarking networks you could be part of. You can bookmark any website to your own social network and write what you like and it will be picked up by the search engines.

Most companies are extremely naïve about social media. What are you going to do if someone grabs your name and starts writing about you? Would you be aware? You need to have tools to be able to monitor this as shown above. We recommend clients at the very least do a thorough search for any information on their company. If you do find something negative you are unhappy about, do NOT simply fight back with nasty comments about the person that wrote the article. Be very professional in replying to the comments and use it as a way of showing other prospective clients that you value ‘feedback’.

There are a large selection of websites including Reputation.comreputation management who flood the web with positive stories about a company, thereby pushing the negative comment further down the Google search list, hopefully so far that no one will ever bother to look. However, Google will be watching for this approach and will unduobtedly ban its approach as they did with link and content creation farms a couple of months ago.

Another approach is to create multiple links to existing web pages to ensure they show up at the top of a Google search, although Google is trying to stop such “link and content creation farming”. One of the better approaches is to be open and honest with people and start a dialogue with your clients using the social networks. If this is done correctly, you will improve and protect your reputation.

We help people create, monitor and manage their online reputations using social media.

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