Mark Chapman, MSc, MBA. Marketing Consultant

Mark Chapman, MSc, MBA – Founder, Director & Marketing Consultant

History of onine advertising

History of onine advertising

photo25 years as a strategic marketing and business development consultant, holding 2 business related master’s degrees having worked in marketing for a number of household brands throughout Europe. Worked in over 16 different countries on a range of projects including the marketing and introduction of many financially successful companies, products and services with values measured in $multi-millions.

     I have been researching and working in the marketing and internet space since 1990, I have even had an email account since 1986. My two Masters degree research papers are on “strategic use of the internet” and “how to market your business on the internet”. I live and breathe the internet, ask any of my clients!

Following growing demand for ‘true marketing’ and in response to frequent misleading internet and marketing information from competing companies, I started Attractum™ in 2008. Attractum™ specialises in true mixed and integrated traditional, digital and social media marketing including strong research and marketing expertise combined with Internet knowledge.

During the past 2-3 years, marketing has seen a massive paradigm shift in how to reach the target audience, as we”ve see the introduction of social media, smartphones, internet enabled TVs etc.

The entire marketing landscape has changed, there are many companies who do not know what to do when it comes to to taking advantage of these huge change and many are left floundering.


Some of My Clients

Our goal is to help educate and assist these companies on what is available and how to create strategies to use the tools and techniques to maximise their return of the marketing investment.

I am currently a Google AdWords Qualifed Professional and a Microsoft Bing adExcellence Qualified Member and combined with very strong marketing background, this sets my skills apart from anyone else in the industry.

I thrive on getting my clients to the front page of Google and Bing as a personal challenge and I don’t like to lose!!

I have worked in many different industry sectors, including small home businesses and $multi-billion business all around the world.

Every business is unique and  I enjoy discovering what each has to offer and helping clients reach their potential on the Internet.

For a more detailed understanding of what Mark can offer you contact Attractum via email or give us a call on 07 543 2944.