Marketing Messages, Assets & Consistency

marketing messages and assetsWhen working on any marketing activity is is paramount that there is a consistency in branding and the associated messages you wish to portray. A majority of the time to ensure a marketing activity or campaign is effective it usually requires many different skills. Therefore for most companies, this will require hiring external companies that MUST work together to ensure consistency. As the brand is your (the company’s) you must ensure all the external resources you engage, all use the same branding including colours, images, messages etc. This branding must be consistent throughout everything your customers see.

It is possible your customers will see your brand on printed material, social media sites, websites mobile smartphones etc  ie. Touchpoints. If you are using multiple companies to create your marketing activities then they should all look the same. You own the brand, you should control the branding that external creators use on your behalf. The best way to ensure control is to produce a brand book which sets out what must be used by all creators.

We can help you when you are looking to:

  • Create a strong identity for your brand.
  • Build or improve your website.
  • Create strong messages for your target market.
  • Create new brochures, literature or marketing collateral to help in the selling process.
  • Create a logo and brand visual identity.
  • Create a new name for the company, product or service.
  • Expand the “marketing team” using selection processes we have honed over the past 20+ years.
  • Implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

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