Marketing Strategy

Why Create A Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy

Researching and creating your marketing strategy should be the most important element of any business. Without understanding your business environment, competition, where you are in the product or service lifecycle, you will be wasting a lot of time and expense.

The marketing strategy MUST align with the business strategy goals and objectives or the company may struggle or eventually fail.

We liken it to a company that has decided (without doing their research) that there is an “opportunity in the market to manufacture chocolate fireguards or ashtrays for motorbikes”

They have looked, seen there are no competitors and so they believe they can take the market by storm. They go ahead and start producing the products only to find there is no market. Unfortunately we see this all too often and are  asked to “market their products”. However, in reality there is no market in which to promote their products or services.

A well formulated marketing strategy understands all the possible upsides and the downsides including all risks the company is likely to take. Once these have been identified, formulated in to a strategy and then broken down in to the tactics on how to take the products or services to market can you be assured there is a profit to be made.

Using A Well Formulated Marketing Strategy

Therefore we can help if you are:

  • Defining or refining your Positioning, Brand Strategy, Distribution and Pricing for a new or existing product or service.
  • Taking an existing product or service to market.
  • Taking a new product or service to market from a new company.
  • Taking a new product or service to market from an existing company.
  • Determining how to beat the competition in the marketplace.
  • Creating a Marketing Plan.
  • Define growth.
  • Use financial measurements to calculate ROI and CLV.
  • Defining your sales processes.

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