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SEO Bad Advice

SEO Bad Information


  • Complaints about customers on review sites do not count on Google
  • Google web spam are slacking off. Not true, hack sites were targeted by the Google Team
  • Only Links matter: Not true, whilst important to have good links, you need to have good design, keyword phrases and relevant content
  • Keyword meta tag is very important: Google does not use the meta tag ‘keyword’, other search engines use other methods also and again don’t rely heavily on meta tags.
  • Algorithmic or manual on spam reports: It is done both manually and automated.   NOTE: 2011 Google introduced a very substantial update called ‘Panda’ and Google is now using natural language search which is further ‘tweaked’ by humans whilst the Google computers ‘learn’


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SEO for 2011

SEO – The Top 3 Things to do for 2011

In the video, Matt discusses a small usage of Speed although today (29th July 2011), Google has released a new function to test page speed as this is now becoming an increasingly important factor in ranking. If you think about, why should Google send their search customers to a slow website when there are faster sites available for the same or similar information?

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is fast becoming one of the most important marketing channels for the majority of businesses. A web site that is top in Google, will in most cases, generate huge amounts of revenue.

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Blueclaw’s awarding winning SEO services will ensure your site fulfils its potential (increased ranking, traffic and conversion) in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the other leading search engines.

At Blueclaw, we are flexible in our approach to providing Search Engine Optimisation solutions. We will discuss your specific requirements with you and then recommend a robust search engine optimisation plan (SEO) that will suit your budget.

Although every SEO campaign is different due to complexity, competition and market awareness, the chart below provides a standard outline of how our organic SEO service is delivered:

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Salon One The Cove

Salon One The Cove

We were tasked with creating an award winning website and marketing system. We created a new design, linked the site to Twitter, Facebook so they are automatically updated, linked in the online shop and an external appointment booking system.

We optimised the site for the following phrases on Google:

hair salon tauranga #1 of 55,000+ results

hairdresser tauranga #1 of 66,100 results>

[blockquote2]Salon One was presented with two Schwarzkopf awards. Winning the overall award for Best Salon in New Zealand 2011

“Over the past six months, Salon One has been increasing new clients at the rate of 30 per cent every four weeks, and it has an email database of 5000 names.

Salon One has switched into the internet and social media to promote its business. More than 1000 people visit its website every month.” Bay of Plenty Times[/blockquote2]

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Google Does Not Use Keywords Meta Tag

Since we get asked many times each week about keywords, I thought it would be a good to reiterate the fact Google does NOT use the keyword meta tag and has not for many years.

We have been telling all our clients for well over 2 years that Google does not use this tag and it was finally stated by Matt Cutts, Google in a video they uploaded to the Internet on 21st Sept 2009 !!!

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