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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as website optimisation, SEO is the practice of modifying a website’s structure and content to make it easy for search engines to recognise what your website is all about. In making this information clear and relevant to what searchers are looking for, your site will be positioned higher in search engine results with the relevant search terms.

Attractum™ is focused on getting your website the best exposure and in order to seo effectively we do extensive research. We constantly keep updated with how the various search engines work and exactly what Internet users are searching for. Search engine optimisation (SEO) gets your site noticed ahead of your competitors.

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SEM Search Engine Marketing

There are millions of web pages competing to be ranked on the front page of Google for almost any given keyword. How can you ensure that your web site will be on the first page of Google?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or search engine advertising can get your web site to the front page of Google and to the very top of the sponsored listings. SEM overcomes any technical and content difficulties a website might have that are hindering it from getting to the first page of search results. If a website has just launched, it can take time for the site to be indexed and then more time for it to be naturally listed above older existing sites.

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SMM Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is important to getting your site ranked on search engines, today everything that assists in building your business is built upon the foundation of great social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is all about building and maintaining great customer relationships, when it is done successfully the relationships that you develop will create ambassadors of your business. It is these ambassadors who in turn spread your marketing messages online and add further credibilty to your marketing strategy. Discover how Social Media Marketing (SMM) achieves outstanding results for business!

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PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

It is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising method  that is widely recognised as the most targeted, most efficient and most cost effective advertising solution available to all businesses. It is responsible for generating thousands of dollars in sales and regular qualified leads to Attractum™ clients on a small budget. With our expertise, knowledge certifications in AdWords and other pay-per-click marketing tools, we have saved clients money in creating targeted and effective advertisements.

As clients of Attractum™ you will be working with a Google AdWords Qualified Professional. We are experienced at implementing successful and cost effective AdWords campaigns for a range of businesses. Let Attractum™, your mixed media marketing company, organise and manage your online advertising.

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Brand Development

At Attractum we know you want your brand to reach out, to attract and engage your target market. our aim is to assist you with the visibility of your product or service using brand development.

It is important to realise that the brand development is more than simply creating a logo and slogan, the process also  involves building good customer relations as well creating a great product or service that is coupled with consistent, reliable quality.

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Business or Product Lifecycle Development

Following marketing research, some changes to your business processes or product/service may be needed. Attractum objectively examine your situation, accounting for the current and foreseeable market trends and segments. We work with you advising where your business and product/service strategies should go next by understanding the markets that you are operating in.

We collaboratively create a marketing strategy and objectives unique to your product/service and the market segments we have identified to target. Using our online and offline marketing tools and insight we can transform market research into real recommendations that are unique to your business, products and services.

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