PPC - Pay Per Click

Google AdWords is the world’s most popular search engine marketing program.

It is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising method widely recognised as the most targeted, most efficient and most cost effective advertising solution available to all businesses.

It is responsible for generating thousands of dollars in sales and regular qualified leads to Attractum™ clients on a small budget. With our expertise, knowledge certifications in AdWords and other pay-per-click marketing tools, we have saved clients money in creating targeted and effective advertisements.

As clients of Attractum™ you will be working with a Google AdWords Qualified Professional. We are experienced at implementing successful and cost effective AdWords campaigns for a range of businesses. Let Attractum™, your mixed media marketing company, organise and manage your online advertising.

Search Engine Marketing is intended to save your business money by marketing more efficiently.

Facebook is currently the Second most popular PPC advertising platform

Facebook is now the most popular website on the planet with over 600+million registered people using the site on a very regular basis. Recently, Facebook launched a PPC advertising platform and this is growing rapidly. It has already overtaken Bing and is on its way to catching up with Google, although we believe it has a way to go before the return on investment for the advertisers is any where near Google.

Bing adExcellence is the World’s Third most Popular PPC advertising platform

Bing is a very popular search platform in the UK, USA and parts of Europe. Therefore it is very important you consider this PPC system when targeting abroad. Attractum staff are qualified and registered Bing adExcellence advertising members and therefore know how to gain the maximum return on investment for our clients.