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SEM Search Engine Marketing

There are millions of web pages competing to be ranked on the front page of Google for almost any given keyword. How can you ensure that your web site will be on the first page of Google?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or search engine advertising can get your web site to the front page of Google and to the very top of the sponsored listings.

SEM overcomes any technical and content difficulties a website might have that are hindering it from getting to the first page of search results. If a website has just launched, it can take time for the site to be indexed and then more time for it to be naturally listed above older existing sites.

Search Engine Marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords makes it possible to buy your way to the front page of search results and it does not have to cost much.

Search engine marketing is effectively advertising on a search engine. The advertisements are textual ads that appear in the search results when a keyword that the advertiser has bid for is searched. These can be seen under the ‘Sponsored Links’ column on the right side of search results. Often, some ads are listed above the regular ‘organic’ search results on the left side of the results page.

Globally Google AdWords product is the leader in SEM.

With search engine marketing you can:

  • Create several ads using different formats and text then trigger them with different keywords to target your different market segments
  • Control your online marketing budget on a daily basis
  • Only pay for each time your ad is clicked

Search engine marketing is targeted, affordable and managable. Use it to complement your offline marketing and drive the right audience to your website.

How Does SEM & Online Marketing Work?

Online marketing is intended to be easy. But it takes experience and research to keep the campaign affordable and effective. Online advertising is the largest growing advertising method and there are many more competing ads appearing each day.

Select Region
The Internet is worldwide. You should know where your market is located. You can choose to advertise to searchers accessing the Internet locally, nationally or worldwide. You can be very specific to where in the world or around the country your ad will display.

Get Keywords
We research the keywords that your customers use to find you and to search for your products. This means we need to get to know your business and your product/service. Some keywords are very competitive. Depending on how much demand there is for a keyword, you may be charged more or less by AdWords.

Create the ad
We create the ad according to your offer and your website. With the knowledge of a Qualified AdWords Professional we can create ads that are the most effective and deliver results. We have experience and skills in marketing and Internet development to ensure you are getting the best out of online marketing.

Set the budget
Online advertising is very managable. You can set the budget on a daily basis and alter how many clicks you will receive each day. You will only be charged by AdWords for the clicks that the ad attracts. If no one clicks on your ad, then AdWords will not charge you for that day.

Track and evaluate results
Tracking the success of your ad campaign is crucial. From this information and data from Google Analytics, we can adjust the campaign over time to make it more effective and increase visits and qualified leads for your business.

Sounds too good? Let Attractumâ„¢ make affordable and effective online advertising a reality for your business.

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