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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as website optimisation, SEO is the practice of modifying a website’s structure and content to make it easy for search engines to recognise what your website is about. By making this information clear and relevant to what searchers are looking for, your site will be positioned higher in search engine results with the relevant search terms.

Your website will enjoy more targeted traffic by being highly ranked and being listed in relevant keywords. This means the right people are coming to visit your site. They would have originally searched using words that are related to your business and are already looking for something you might be able to provide. Every website must have search engine optimization (seo),  for it to be competitive with other websites.

Attractum™ is focused on getting your website the best exposure. This means making your site easy to be found using SEO techniques.

Over 85% of web users find websites through search engines

68% of searchers do no click onto the second page of search results

Your website must be on the first page of Google for it to be easy to find by your target customers. This is achieved with search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our approach to SEO

To seo effectively, we do extensive research. We are constantly learning how various search engines work and exactly what Internet users are searching for. As part of our SEO process we also get to know your website, business, products and services.

Search engines are always developing. They are always looking for ways to improve their algorithms to deliver only the most relevant and best results to searchers. As a result, search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming an increasingly significant area of marketing. As more businesses go online and more businesses rely on online sales. It is essentially the future of marketing.

This is why mixed media marketing is so important. Search engines are now how we find information, businesses, products and services. Search engine optimisation (SEO) gets your site noticed ahead of your competitors.

Attractum™ – Creating flexible, successful SEO solutions.