SEO Issues

The Internet can seem a daunting and dangerous place to the uninformed. The same goes for those looking for SEO and other Internet solutions who are unaware of what developers and professionals are doing.

Do the research and get to know how you might be vulnerable to scams and false promises. Avoid high costs, frustration and disappointment.

This section covers some issues tainting the SEO and Internet industry.

Did not work
This is common with some web developers that have attempted to optimise without the expertise. This is why tried and tested specialists are needed. In fact, there are things that can be done to websites that search engines penalise. Incorrect optimisation may result in the site being banned or dropped to the bottom of the rankings.

Often SEO cannot be done by following a textbook. It requires unique knowledge of your customers, your brand, your competitors and how search engines currently work. All of these issues affecting your site’s ranking are constantly changing.

Unrealistic expectations
Search engine optimisation can take time. It can be a long-term process. It does not always have immediate results. For instance, if you are starting a new website, it would be unrealistic to expect to be ranked ahead of a competing website that has been around for a long time having also performed excellent SEO. There are some factors in ranking web sites that are out of everyone’s control.

The only way to understand what you can realistically expect is to understand the SEO process and what needs to be done to your site. If you are using a specialist they should inform you about what they do so you can appreciate their work. Better still, they may show you how you can do it yourself so you can maintain both your site and your position on search engines.

The explosion in growth and realisation of search engine marketing has resulted in several companies to claim to offer SEO services. Many of these do not have the right credentials and they use old techniques, many of which are now redundant. In some cases, clients websites have been banned by engines due to unethical optimisation practices also known as ‘black hat’ techniques or tricks.

There are numerous promises some ‘professionals’ will claim they can do for you. Many are true but won’t give you the result you anticipated. The following activities are samples of unethical practice that may see your site banned if identified by search engines:

  • Linking your site to other sites in the form of ‘link farms’ with the intent to raise the importance of all their client’s sites. Usually linking to ‘bad neighbourhoods’ on the Internet.
  • Using hidden links or hidden text that search engines can read but are hidden to visitors.
  • Using shadow domains to create traffic and boost rankings.

Empty Guarantees
The rule goes for everyone that has been ripped off by a ‘professional’ because of falling for a guarantee: Read the small print. Search engine results cannot be guaranteed. They change every day. SEO is reliant on long-term performance of the website. It needs to be updated often to maintain a high position.

Think about the validity of a guarantee. How can a specialist promise to get 3 competing mortgage brokers to the number 1 position? Not to mention other optimisers working for other brokers who all want a piece of the front page.

Ensure the search terms used to show your position on search engines are typical of those looking for businesses in your area/industry. The most popular search terms are the most generic, yet the most relevant; and are the hardest to rank high on. This is where you want to be.

Is the guarantee fulfilled by buying a sponsored link? This will get you to the top of Google for a fee. You will be paying the search engine on a pay-per-click basis. As soon as you stop paying, your site will be ranked as per normal.

Have you been affected?

Let us know if you have believe you have been given a raw deal by an SEO professional. We are interested in keeping people informed with what is going on in the Internet industry. Attractumâ„¢ is a New Zealand owned company.