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Website Audit

Is your website generating enough business?

Many business owners think a good website is a website that looks pretty. Unfortunately sooner or later those business owners find the website is not generating business results.

The truth is you are not alone if your website is not performing as expected. Most businesses worldwide have invested time and money to get a website because they know a website will generate more business. However, they are bitterly disappointed when that investment does not pay for itself.

So what is wrong?

The problem is – most websites have both visible and many hidden defects. They lack the required technical finesse to bring in any serious business. They are not search engine optimised for the correct key phrases nor are they mobile enabled (A MUST according to Google)

Faulty websites fall in to three categories;

  1. They are too technical and look very ugly and therefore look unprofessional. This normally happens when a technical web developer works on the technical aspects of the site and lacks the design/pretty aspects of the development.
  2. The site is designed by a graphic designer or niche focused marketing company (ie brand designer) who creates a beautifully looking website but insists it works and looks exactly as designed. They force the developer to create the beautiful masterpiece but the design stifles the technical requirements to make the site work for either the user or more importantly the search engines such as Google. Due to this approach the site has all the wrong technical elements on the site.
  3. The website is designed by a graphic designer, built by a technically competent developer who understands SEO but the copytext / words are not written to be optimised for both humans and search engines.

This causes the following issues:

Business websites often suffer from some of the following problems:

1. They aren’t optimised for search engines.

This leads to poor Google rankings for any/all keywords. Poor rankings means poor web traffic, and lack of traffic equals a lack of business sales leads.

2. They do not look credible.

If your website does not give confidence to your visitors, how do you expect that confidence to transfer to your reputation and for them to buy your products or services?

3. They do not offer compelling content or services.

This leads to poor conversion rate.

4. They lack effective call to actions.

An effective call-to-action leads visitors to take appropriate actions you desire, which will boost your conversion rate.

Why has this happened?

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

“A relative of mine designed my website. He is really good at computers. The website looks OK. But I am not getting any enquiries. I cannot find my site in Google. I haven’t got a clue what’s happened.”

“I bought a template and created my own site. It was not too difficult. I simply changed the text, logo and images. That was it. But the website seems to be useless. I don’t know if anybody uses the website. There are no enquiry from it at all.”

“My hosting company offered a free website. I was well chuffed until I found my site was not generating any business.”

“I had my site designed by a cheap website designer I found on the Internet. The site looks great. I thought this must be a winner. But it does not work. Pretty but no business.”

Don’t despair, if this sounds like you. We offer a solution.

And the solution is …

A complete website audit! We are offering a website audit service to give your website a health check. It will identify areas for improvements which will need to be implemented. Our audit will highlight and categorise the issues in to Critical, Moderate and Warnings. Once the improvements have been made, you will get higher Google rankings and greatly improved conversion rate. You will get visitors to your website and many of them will be converted into your customers !!.

Fill in the contact form and get a website audit!

To take advantage of this offer, please fill in the Request a Quote. The fate of your website is in your hands, take action now to avoid disappointment.