SMM: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Build  Great Customer Relationships

all internet users may 2013Social Media Marketing (SMM) is important to getting your site ranked on search engines, today everything that assists in building your business is built upon the foundation of great social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is all about building and maintaining great customer relationships, when it is done successfully the relationships that you develop will create ambassadors of your business. It is these ambassadors who in turn spread your marketing messages online and add further credibility to your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing is important to creating a successful business, developing a good customer base, client retention and loyalty plus much more. If you’re keen to create clients that remain loyal to your brand, Attractum can assist you in developing a Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan that begins with us understanding your business and ends with satisfied clients and growth of your business.

Build your online social presence and ensure that everyone gets to know and interacts with your business – Contact us and discover how Social Media Marketing (SMM) achieves outstanding results for business!

Social Media Networks

Social networks allow Internet users to communicate with your brand today.

Members of social networks are a mix of all demographics from young people who can spend hours on these networks via their phones, to the older generation who keeping up and conversing with the grandchildren via their iPads.

Members of these networks are from all age ranges, demographics and both genders alike!

Looking at some of the largest multi national, global companies and they are all using these social networks to interactively communicate with their clients and customers. How many TV and News programs actively encourage their viewers to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. These networks allow you and your business to have open two way interactive dialogue with your clients which is primary marketing research ‘GOLD’. Your clients can tell your company what you are doing right, what you should improve and better still, they can promote your great business to all their friends with a single press of a button. If you are not using these social networks then you will lose out to your competition.

MORE than 26% of ALL Time Spent Online is On Facebook!!

Social networks are not just intended for use by people. Brands, political parties and other organisations are using social networks to connect to their fans. Your business can advertise and create a brand profile page to reach this captive audience.