Strategies to Generate Demand

generate demandOnce you have undertaken the research and created the strategy, the next element is to Generate Demand for the products. In today’s marketplace it is vital you are aware of all the various options, tactics and tools available to get your products and services in front of the buyer.

The old method of “scatter gun” marketing has long gone. Simply putting an advert in the local paper, yellow pages, radio and television are no longer working, nor are they viable due to their high cost. We call the old methods “Push marketing”, whereby you are “pushing your advert” in to the market.

The new marketing methods are highly targeted and vastly¬†more cost effective because you are only spednign your advertising/marketing dollars on buyers that are “actively seeking out to buy” your products. We call this approach “pull marketing”. You only need to spend advertising money to get your message in front of the client when and only when they are seeking information on your types of products or services.

When looking to generate demand for your products or services and to maximise your marketing dollars, we can help you with:

  • Getting your name out there.
  • Using inbound marketing techniques.
  • Generate better response to your marketing campaigns. (We have clients returning 1200% ROI).
  • Improve your conversion of leads to customers.
  • Explore new ideas for Campaigns.
  • Generate immediate revenue.
  • Be more visible on the Internet.
  • Generate publicity.
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website.
  • Generate more qualified leads.
  • Close more deals. (We have doubled turnover for a number of companies during the recession).
  • Use social media efficiently and effectively to generate more buying customers.
  • Setup or streamline sales teams and selling processes.
  • Help with marketing strategies, tools and campaigns.
  • Measure ALL the results to ensure ALL advertising/marketing dollars are being well spent.
  • Measure the results of all completed campaigns.

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